Host School Information

In addition to our Base School in Tirimoana Road, Te Atatu South, Arohanui has satellite classes in a number of mainstream schools across West Auckland.

Phone numbers of the schools that host our satellite classes are below. We have also included links to their website so you can get information on the school and details about uniforms, etc. Uniforms are compulsory at Te Atatu Intermediate, Bruce McLaren Intermediate, Hobsonville Point Secondary School and Holy Cross School. Flanshaw Road School also has a uniform but wearing it is optional for our students.


Bruce McLaren Intermediate

Bruce McLaren Road

Host school phone: 836 3175
Satellite Class 1: Phone 836 3175 ext. 215
Satellite Class 2: Phone 836 3175 ext. 226 

You can check the Bruce McLaren website for information about the school, their uniforms, etc.


Colwill School

Kintara Drive

Phone host school: 833 6081


Edmonton Primary School

1 School Road
Te Atatu South

Host school phone: 838 9318
Satellite class phone: 837 5360

Edmonton Website


Flanshaw Road School

51 Flanshaw Road
Te Atatu South 0610

Host school phone: 834 7224
Satellite class phone: 834 7294

Flanshaw Road School website


Freyberg Community School

Roberts Road
Te Atatu South 0610

Host school phone: 838 9664
Satellite class phone: 836 7664

Freyberg school website


Glendene Primary School

Barrys Road

Host school phone: 838 8603
Satellite class phone: 837 4391

Glendene School Website ...

Hobsonville Point Secondary School

70 Hobsonville Point Road

Satellite phone ext: 975 7400 extension 547

For information about the school, to access their newsletters, or to find out when the uniform shop is open, check out their website: Hobsonville Point Secondary School website


Holy Cross School

8 Lavelle Road

Host school phone: 838 8802
Satellite class phone: 838 5380

Holy Cross website


Massey Primary

326 Don Buck Road

Phone: 833 7232

For Massey Primary's website click on the link below ...

Pakeke Centre

7D Trading Place

Phone: 837 2395


Rutherford Primary School

2 Kotuku Street
Te Atatu

Host school phone: 834 5467
Satellite class phone: 834 5449

Rutherford Primary website


Te Atatu Intermediate

Harbour View Road
Te Atatu Peninsula

Host school phone: 834 5371
Satellite class phone: 834 8398

Te Atatu Intermediate website


Arohanui School & Specialist Outreach Service

82 Tirimoana Road,Te Atatu South
Ph: 09 8386696, Fax: 09 8386693